How to create Business Profile faster?

How to get a Website, Address, Phone, Emails Faster?

  1. List out the company names in Excel.

List out

2. Create a link to a Google search for all the listed companies.

i. Copy Link from Google address bar https://www.google.co.in/search?q= and paste it into nearby companies listed column.

ii. USE ctrl + D to apply all the Cells.

iii. Past all the company names into next to this link.

iv. Merge Link column and company column using excel formula.

v. Create Hyperlink.

Link Creation

3. Use multilink tool to open links faster.

i. Link : https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/multilink/hakpaefefpemiaahboigpjchbmgkejaj

ii. This way you can open maximum 10 links.

Multi Link

**** Done all these think within 15 Minutes (Maximum)

4. Now open 10+10 Links and copy paste websites faster, most of the company address and phone number will show the right side of the page don’t forget to get that too.

i. In this way you can get 400 to 500 websites and address within 1 hour.

5. Now create a link to get general email of the company. https://www.google.co.in/search?q=email%40jabarchives.com&oq=email%40jabarchives.com&gs_l=

Separate this link to separate column like below


jabarchives.com (Website)


jabarchives.com (Website)


i. Copy all your websites into 2 website columns, then merge all the columns without any space.

ii. Use multi link method to get general email.

*** In this method you can get 200 to 300 general email’s within 1 hour.

I hope if you are going to expert in this method, you can get 300 to 400 companies website, Address, Phone Number and general email within 1 hour.

6. Now go with your Internet Research to find the C level executives names .

7. Then use the same method to get emails for the executives.

*** Finally, go with deep research to get Email for the executives.


This method looks hard for 1st Time, but it is very simple.


Thanks and Regards,


Any Questions Please let me know – iksdatagauge@gmail.com (or)











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